"I'm Looking For A Few More Of My
DREAM Clients..."
Like Dr. Lauren who is now happier with her career than ever...
with 209 patients by her 4th day!

Expertise in Opening Practices

"Jayme has extensive background and expertise in location, construction and opening practices...it's important enough that all my dental office franchisees will be relying on Jayme for expert advice in this area."

- Very Limited Annual Openings - 
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"If That's You... I Will PERSONALLY Work With You 1-On-1 to Help You Create a Highly Successful Startup Practice...
without Any Of the Typical Risks."
Jayme Amos, CEO Ideal Practices
Jayme Amos
CEO, Ideal Practices
Bestselling Author
Expert in Startup Practices
Watch these 3 minute videos and see how the results can help you 
create a low risk, low cost, profitable practice. 
Why The StartUp-Practice-Mentoring-Program Is:
The Closest Thing To A
Guaranteed Successful Practice
That You'll Ever See...
If you are accepted into our program, here's how it works:
What stage of the process are you in now? 
What type of practice do you imagine owning? 
Where have you considered opening a new practice?
How many new patients per month do you need to reach profitability? 
What clinical vision do you have for the practice?
How fast do you want the practice to grow?
Which cost control methods will you focus on? 
Hear how this Doctor is Creating  
Freedom and Control Over His Career...
And it's really that simple...

You'll have a mentor with over a decade of experience, guiding you through the process to create a successful practice that represents you and your clinical standards. 

No matter where you are in the process, there is a step-by-step method to bring you proudly to your Grand Opening Day successfully. 

Are you ready to take control of your future in dentistry? 
If your initial planning isn't right, you'll end up with a facility that traps you clinically.
If your location or marketing isn't right, you can't bring in enough new patients.
If your cost control methods aren't done right, you'll spend decades digging out of the hole.

Will you survive? 

Will you thrive? 

Only if you get these first stages right... 

- You'll create a practice you can be proud of
- You'll own a practice that provides a great lifestyle for you and your family. 
- You'll make a bigger difference and change people's lives

Dentists all over the country are creating this success right now
They're entering into practice ownership with only one regret...they wish they did this year's ago!
Begin your journey now. 

You'll get step-by-step guidance, personally with me
I'll walk you through each of the exact methods. 
I'll help you create a practice you love.
This is your chance to be guided by a personal mentor who has experience all over the country. 
Now you can be in total control of your future in dentistry. 
This will be the year you step into successful practice ownership.

Will you be the next doctor to be truly happy?

If you feel you may be a good fit for this year's Startup Practice Mentoring Program...
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