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Over the 2 day course, you'll learn a masters level of knowledge to successfully open your startup practice. These are many of the same tools that our high-level consulting clients pay upwards of $84,000 for when we help them open practices all over the country.

​PLANNING: prepare now for simplicity

  • Learn the Step-by-Step proven plans you can follow for all 13 Stages of startup practices
  • ​How much do you need to have saved to start?
  • ​When and HOW to “make the move” from associate to owner
  • ​Discover the financial preparations you must begin NOW, before you miss your chance
  • ​Legal concerns and contracts you must use to protect your assets and your future
  • ​How to open a “Confidential startup” without losing your job

LOCATION: matched with your vision

  • Discover Real Estate "Lease-vs-Buy" planning tools
  • ​How doctors purchase buildings with zero-down payment plans to build your net-worth while owning your building 
  • ​WHERE to open and precisely which town YOU should open your practice in
  • ​How to avoid the wrong towns with hidden data
  • ​Tap into Demographics and site selection tools to open your practice in the RIGHT TOWN
  • ​Learn which is the RIGHT BUILDING for your specific practice vision

FINANCING: get loans like you have an MBA

  • How to get approved with the BEST RATES and TERMS
  • ​How to afford all your loans while STILL PROFITING better than 96% of associates
  • ​What the banks are looking for in today’s startup dentists
  • ​How to appeal to banks the RIGHT WAY, the first time…even with a mountain of debt
  • ​FINANCIAL TOOLS to guide you from Day-1 through your GrandOpening that work for doctors across the country
  • ​Loan application myths and the truth about dental loans that banks don't tell you.

CONSTRUCTION & EQUIPMENT: pricey not necessary

  •  How to LOWER CONSTRUCTION COSTS by 38% without sacrificing quality
  • ​Case Studies from other doctors to accelerate your confidence and guide your entire process
  • ​Which buildings to avoid NO MATTER WHAT (and a real-life case study of a doctor who went over budget by$400k, losing his life savings and how you will avoid this)
  • ​Save 23% with equipment pricing cuts…even with the best equipment!
  • ​How to ensure your new office project finishes ON-TIME andON-BUDGET
  • ​ Techniques to find and choose the best vendors through your entire project

DESIGN: the impact on your body and wallet 

  • How to create an office that REPRESENTS YOU CLINICALLY by using pre-planning tools even before construction begins 
  • ​What PRACTICE SIZE and building size is best for specific clinical philosophies
  • ​Floorplan and design training to create you a layout that fits you clinically in YOUR OWN clinical philosophy (avoid all cookie cutter floorplans!)
  • ​The DESIGN zones that others will charge you $30,000 to create…that you’ll learn for FREE at the course

MARKETING& BUSINESS: your success foundation

  • Proven marketing plans to bring you nearly unlimited new patients who say yes to treatment plans
  • ​PPOs to consider and when to avoid them…regardless of the fees
  • ​Taxation strategies to give you a huge financial advantage even before you open for business
  • ​Tools for HIRING and FINDING the best staff to support your vision
  • ​Business insurance that every startup MUST CONSIDER
  • ​EXACT step-by-step process to get you started with 100%confidence
  • ​Policies and Protocol to get your practice started

CLINICAL: delivering the best care

  • Learn about the 3 KEY CLINICAL FOCUSES in your first year
  • ​PROVEN Clinical Protocol forstartups to use to create a practice you can be proud of
  • ​ SYSTEMS used in the top5% of profitable practices (that you can implement instantly)
  • ​Techniques all startup practices should AVOID

1-ON-1EXPERTS: for your future

  • Exclusive 1-on-1 discussions with Jayme Amos and his team, the leaders in Startup Practices customized for your individual, personal and financial vision
  • ​Get customized guidance, specific to your plans for practice ownership from experts in each area of practice ownership
  • ​Course size is EXTREMELY LIMITED to ensure all participants get the best 1-on-1 attention
Who is not a good fit
at this course?
Those dentists who want a get-rich-quick process are not a good fit.
Our concepts have created the best successes in private practice startups. 

Apply only if you stand for private practice ownership. Any representative from corporate dentistry will need to find other options. We pride ourselves in being the country's leading advocates for private practice ownership. We won't waiver from that.

But great great care must precede great profits.
Dentists focused on quality & integrity will find a like-minded group of colleagues at this event. 

Vendors will not be a good fit at this event either.
Our students invest in a great education and there are other dental meetings good for selling products. 

For this reason, only those who desire to learn how dentists open highly successful startups in private practice should apply. 
If that's you, click the button below to begin! 
"The knowledge shared will reveal methods that are revolutionizing dentistry and making it possible for doctors
all over the country to open practices with massive levels of satisfaction and happiness." 
Jayme has extensive background and expertise in location, construction and opening practices... it's important enough that all my dental office franchisees will be relying on Jayme for expert advice in this area."

Jerry Jones

Founder Wellness Spring Dental and
Jayme is generous with his wisdom and excellent advice. In the world of dentistry there is plenty of bad advice and not nearly enough of the "good stuff" that comes with Jayme's vast dental experience.

Dr. David Maloley

Founder, Vail Valley Dentist and Host of the Relentless Dentist Podcast 
Learn how to position your startup in the fastest growing niche in dentistry. Begin your practice with the clinical confidence and certainty to achieve the professional and personal outcomes you desire."

Dr. Tom Larkin

Top 5% Profitable Practice
17 Years Private Practice
Clinical Educator
Change Your Future In Dentistry
Over the 2 day course, you'll learn a masters level of knowledge to successfully open your startup practice. These are many of the same tools that our high-level consulting clients pay upwards of $84,000 for when we help them open practices all over the country.
We're excited to meet you in person at the course!
Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee
Your decision to attend is absolutely backed by our better than money back guarantee. If, after attending the first full day of the course, you do not feel you have received $10,000 worth of value for your new practice, turn in your materials by 5:00 PM to one of the designated Ideal Practices® Team Members with your written notice and we will send you a 150% refund for the tuition for the event.

If you are unable to attend after registration, you may have someone substitute for your participation in the program. Call the Ideal Practices® Client Service Department at least 10 days prior to the event to transfer your enrollment. A $100 transfer fee will apply. Transferred tickets are not eligible for the Guarantee.

If you are unable to attend and do not wish to substitute, contact our Client Service Department. We will convert your enrollment to a non-refundable credit that you may apply toward any future Ideal Practices® services for up to eighteen months from your original event date.
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Get in touch with us by phone : (567) 280-0066
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Get in touch with us by phone : (567) 280-0066
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