Open Your Dental Practice with Profits and Purpose
Open Your Dental Practice with Profits and Purpose
Like Dr. Ben, who created the practice of his dreams!
Will you be the next associate to become a successful startup practice owner...with customized 1-on-1 guidance? 
Watch these short videos and you will see how associates with zero business experience were guided through the proven process to open a successful startup practice. 
These the results can help you create a low risk, profitable practice that you're proud to own. 
Learn how doctors like Danny reached nearly $1 million in collections in his first 12 months and why he says “Now I love coming to work!”
(watch his case-study below)
We guided him through a 100% customized, Reverse-Engineered Proven Process and here is what happened...
Why The StartUp-Practice-Program Is:
The Closest Thing To A
Guaranteed Successful Practice
That You'll Ever See...
Here's how it works:
What stage of the process are you in now? 
What type of practice do you imagine owning? 
Where have you considered opening a new practice?
How many new patients per month do you need to reach profitability? 
What clinical vision do you have for the practice?
How fast do you want the practice to grow?
Which cost control methods will you focus on? 
This is what happened when Dr. Gerry reached his 12th month...
with nearly $1 million in Production...
without any previous business experience!
Watch to see how Dr. Gerry describes his pride in practice ownership...
because of his happiness and success with his startup. 
You will Get 1-on-1 guidance with a team of experts...
All the fears and confusion can be made perfectly clear. 
You'll be lead by consultants with hundreds of startups of experience...
and you won't be left to dig for contradictory online group opinions like so many other colleagues. 
No.   You will be guided by the most respected team in startup consulting...
Just like Dr. Patel...
You can learn how to experience 
the QUALITY OF LIFE you deserve in Practice Ownership.
...just like Dr. Nadya.

"I am Stronger. I am more Confident...
and I'm a much happier dentist now." 
~ Dr. Nadya

Associate Dentists want the freedom to practice on their own terms. 
Nadya even had a newborn son in the middle of this process! 
With an expert team of consultants as your guides, you can have a successful practice and and fulfilling quality of life that you deserve.
(watch her story below)
See how Dr. Jordan went from 
"McDentist" to Proud Practice Owner
"I felt like a McDentist"
~ Dr. Jordan

Associates can start to feel burned out. Like Dr. Jordan, they want OUT from the grind. He new it was time to create a patient experience he believed in and he wanted to avoid the typical he followed the predictable plan for associates like him.
This is how he did it 
(click the video to begin)
Hear how Doctor Henry is Creating Freedom and Control Over His Career...
with an unbiased guide.
And it's really that simple...

My name is Jayme Amos and I'm obsessed with giving doctors a proven process for startups so they can become successful and confident in a practice they love owning. 

Doctors who work with my team often say, “I had a dream to own a practice but I didn’t know where to begin.”  Associate dentists are enjoying dentistry but what they know at a deeper level is that they’re capable of so much more. 

Many associates tell me how tired they are of looking at practices for sale that are outdated and overpriced. They want something that matches their standards in a patient experience.

The best part of all this is when doctors describe their new experience in practice ownership, being in total control over their future. Those are the doctors who enjoy the confidence in the proven path that gets them the best results. 

And that’s why I’m so inspired when I see doctors - even with no business experience - become the respected, successful practice owners in their town. Instantly, upon following the proven process.

They finally have the freedom to run their practice on their terms, caring for patients the way they know is best.

See, this is about more than just renting a building and getting some equipment. This isn't about following advice on social media from people who have never actually done this more than once.

This is about a personal transformation. 

This is the creation of a rewarding and fulfilling career at the highest level. 

Doctors like these are the ones changing their own lives and the lives of others in their communities. 

The surprising part?

The first step was simple
All they had to do is take the first step forward. 

From there, my team and I lead them through every piece of the process. And this has worked for doctors all across the country. 

For those Associate Dentists who are accepted into our program...

You'll have a team of consultants who work with you to...
- get you the right location...
- in a town you love...
- who negotiate for you with banks, equipment & construction companies...
with demographically backed data for success...
- who meet with you IN PERSON at your office
- and create a stunning custom practice design...
- while teaching you the proven StartupMBA business system...
- with a custom marketing strategy that works...
- while helping you hire your dream team...
- and monitoring your budget with you...
- all while working with you 1-on-1...

...and giving you unlimited access to an entire team of consultants through the entire process. 

See, this is about much more than a great income. 
This is even bigger than your career. 
This is your life

I want you to have this done right the first time
That way you can be proud of your practice. You can love going to work to care for your patients, while running a profitable practice

You will be mentored by my team of consultants who have hundreds of startups of experience, guiding you through the process to create a successful practice that represents you and your clinical standards. 

You can relax because you can follow the proven path used by the most successful startups in the country. 

All that confusion about startups that you have experienced is normal. Unfortunately too many associates fall victim to following advice from people who have never actually opened a successful startup. For example, you might find random online social media groups who love giving their opinion. But that's just a bunch of noise given by people who typically have opened only one startup...and many would be shocked how much of that “advice” comes from people who have never opened a single startup.

That would be like a patient going to social media to learn how to do their own full mouth reconstruction. What results might that patient get by trying to learn about occlusion and shading and implants...from other patients? 

Make sense? 

You deserve better. You don't want to hinge your entire future career on the group-opinion from people who have no real expertise, right?

Here's the danger: You could be getting advice from someone in a different town...with a different practice model...who has a different population...who opened their practice in a completely different year...who enjoys a completely different Ideal Patient.  Doctors who follow that advice end up making horribly expensive mistakes. 

Those mistakes can't easily be undone, even though they tried following "advice" online. 

Everyone knows how expensive and dangerous it is to follow unproven advice on a topic that will define the rest of your career.

Truth is, you can't learn through trial and error with a startup
You either follow a proven process to be profitable in your first year or you struggle through expensive mistakes, stress and confusion. 

Neither path is wrong, really. 
It's just a choice.

Now you get to choose:
The risk of "trial and error"...
or follow a proven process? 

The most confident doctors choose proven, predictable success that gives you control and power through the entire project

You will reach the most confidence by being guided simply, step-by-step through the process. 

You will have the wisdom brought through hundreds of startups.

Isn't that what you want?
- Proven outcomes. 
- Predictable profitability.
- Trusted guidance. 
...and a practice you can be proud of. 

No matter where you are in the process, there is a step-by-step method to bring you proudly to your Grand Opening Day successfully. 

Just like hundreds of other doctors who have followed this process without any prior business experience.

Are you ready to take control of your future in dentistry? 
If your initial planning isn't right, you'll end up with a facility that traps you clinically.
If your location or marketing isn't right, you can't bring in enough new patients.
If your cost control methods aren't done right, you'll spend decades digging out of the hole.

Will you survive? 

Will you thrive? 

Only if you get these first stages right... 

- You'll create a practice you can be proud of
- You'll own a practice that provides a great lifestyle for you and your family. 
- You'll make a bigger difference and change people's lives

Associate dentists like follow this process all over the country. And they are the ones creating success right now
They're entering into practice ownership with only one regret...they wish they did this year's ago!

Today you can take the first step. 
Begin your journey now. 

You'll get step-by-step guidance, personally with me
I'll walk you through each of the exact methods. 
I'll help you create a practice you love.
This is your chance to be guided by a personal mentor who has experience all over the country. 

Now you can be in total control of your future in dentistry. 
This will be the year you step into successful practice ownership.

Will you be the next doctor to be truly happy in with a fulfilling practice ownership experience?

If you feel you may be a good fit for this year's Startup Practice Mentoring Program...
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