When Nadya Opened her Startup she said...
"my LIFE has been changed"
See why she says, "I am Stronger. I am more Confident"...
and I'm a much happier dentist now.
Learn How  Colleagues Like Nadya Take Control of their Future
With ALL 3 LEVELS of Startup Practice Ownership
Get Free Tuition to the  WebCourse that changes the futures of Associate dentists who learn how to open Startups the right way, even without any business experience.
Want to See More Inspiring Stories?
Each year, doctors apply for the Ideal Practices High Level Consulting program to open successful new practices.

These doctors, located all over the country, are opening successful practices they're proud of. 

They're proving that the opportunities for startup practices are at their best, right now

Startup-practice owners are taking control of their careers
They're creating practices the love
And they're experiencing life-changing successes.

When you go to the next page, you'll get free tuition to the WebCourse. You will learn from case studies of doctors who were accepted into the program and changed their future. You'll learn about their journey from start to finish so you can follow the process too.

And you'll hear the amazing changes they've experienced through their startup practices!
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