Learn how to

Open a Dental Practice With
Less Risk

Don’t sign a lease, don’t apply for loans. Don’t do ANYTHING
until you read this book! Reading this book before
you open your practice will give you an advantage over
the competition for the rest of your career!

Location impacts your success and your happiness more than any other single decision in practice ownership!

Dentists with the right location experience faster growth and higher profits. Even better, when
applied properly, the results have less risk and lower costs.

"Thinking about opening a practice??"

"Thinking about opening a practice??"

Dr. Keith Liberman

If you are thinking about opening a practice, READ THIS BOOK. It is GREAT.

I really thought I knew what I was doing and thought I had all my points covered, but I was wrong. 

Don't start a practice without reading this or you will regret it!

"Great for Understanding Practice Locations"


Great book. It is the only resource I have found to lay out the process clearly on what is important to finding the perfect location. 

"An easy read for a tough subject, and very useful!"

Dr. Steven Casella

This book is a great place to start for those of you beginning their journey towards practice ownership especially because the author is able to make a complex subject seem so simple.

"Must read for dentists and dental students"

Amazon customer

Choosing the RIGHT Practice Location is a smart investment for the seasoned dentist looking for a new office location, a dental student contemplating future options, a young dentist ready to open their first practice and everyone else that is involved in the quickly evolving profession of dentistry. 

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Click here ⬇️ to hear how this book helps you get more new patients, higher PPO reimbursements and lower taxation

Click here ⬇️ to hear how this book helps you get more new patients, higher PPO reimbursements and lower taxation

"A helpful dentist resource to avoid costly mistakes"

Review By Sandi Boeyink

Jayme's book is a helpful resource for dentists considering opening a start up or a new office. This is a good tool for investigating some of the areas that are often left unchecked during the planning process. In today's competitive environment the right location and preparation can pay off immensely and Jayme has many tips to help position dentists for better success

Get the best of both
worlds: Clinical Freedom
AND Business Success

Get the best of both worlds: Clinical Freedom AND Business Success

  •  How to ensure patients can find your new practice on Google and Apple Maps
  • Increase your retirement savings by over $1,000,000 with a few simple shifts in your location.
  • Access the essential 12-point demographic checklist
  • ​Determine whether an acquisition is right for you

No theoretics

No theoretics

This book is 100% based on real-life success

The principles in this book are based on some of the greatest successes in the country and I believe every dentist deserves to know about them. The advantage is yours and your copy is FREE (just cover the $5.99 handling fee).

When you're the owner of a private practice you're proud of,
the rewards are life-changing. 

That pride and success starts with this book.
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