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"A flat-out a must-read for every dentist who might ever consider moving to a new location, or, opening a new practice." - Jerry Jones, Wellness Springs Dental
Let me Tell You WHY I'm Making this Offer, and WHY I Want You to Have This Book.
For more than 10 years I've been obsessed with helping dentists become proud owners in Private Practice.  All over the country, my team has helped doctors open highly successful startup practices. 

Doctors know that private practice ownership lets you practice on your own terms, with full clinical freedom
You get to make a great living.  
And you get to enjoy the pride of ownership, playing an important role in your community. 

The experience is life-changing.

We've found the key to the process is impacted most by 1 topic:

Those with the right location experience faster growth and higher profits.  Even better, when applied properly, the results have less risk and lower costs. 

This holds true from coast to coast. 

Just imagine...
  • Demographics can give you a shortcut to more new patients, even with a smaller marketing budget
  • Higher PPO reimbursement rates can be had, sometimes by simply picking the building across the street
  • Leasing versus owning real estate both work, but there is a time and a place for each
  • Typical "pretty towns" can be a killer of your growth, keeping profits low for many years
  • Your building style will directly affect your construction costs...will you choose wisely?
  • Increase your retirement savings by over $1,000,000 with a few simple shifts in your location
...those are just a few of the reasons why Location impacts your success and your happiness more than any other single decision in practice ownership. 
My Special Gift:  Knowledge
Most people don't know this but the first time I helped a dentist choose a location and open a new office was over ten years ago. 

Now, after helping hundreds of dentists, that first client's story still affects me. 

He was unhappy in his associateship. Even though he was making a great living, he knew he was capable of more.  

He wanted a practice that represented him and his values

He was ready. 
Ready for all the benefits of a proven process...ready to open a successful practice...ready to learn how to keep keep risk low and costs low.

That's when we helped him find the best location, perfect for his practice model. 
The opportunity for fast-growth was strong. 

In less than a year...
He was now the owner of a practice. 

He walked through the doorway of a practice that made him glow with pride. His family and his community were impressed. 

Best of all, it was a practice that represented him.

But something interesting was about to happen. 

His practice grew. 
And grew. 
It was the best of both worlds: 
clinical freedom AND business success
He produced nearly double the national his 4th year in business!

Beyond the financial success, there was more:
- Treatment was according to his standards
- The courses he wanted to attend were taken. 
- He hired a staff that was like family. 
- His personal growth and happiness couldn't have been better.

Then he shocked everyone. 
See, his real goal was to move his family south, to Florida. 
So he sold the practice.  


That's right. He sold. 
Some would say it was time to sit back a little and enjoy. 
But HIS goals in practice ownership were enabled by the desires he had for HIS family.

And that's the beauty of practice ownership!

When you own a practice that you design, the benefits are yours. 
You get to decide. 

The plans for your future can be in your hands. 
The direction of the practice is your choice. 
The control over your career - and how you provide for your family - is what you deserve. 

That is why I tell people: 
When you're the owner of a private practice you're proud of, the rewards are life-changing. 
Why am I Doing a
1000 Book Giveaway??!
All the opportunities are available for you to enjoy. 

But beware: 
Some colleagues will tell you about a doctor who failed. 
Or can't grow. 
Or who tried to open a practice but needs a part-time job just to afford it. 

See, some so-called "experts" out there have pushed a lot of terrible, biased, expensive advice.  Its wrong. And it hurts dentists. 

Frankly, it should be criminal that good dentists are given deplorable advice.  

My team doesn't deal in theory. We deliver results based on real-life success in private practice ownership with dentists all over the country.

And that is the biggest reason why we're doing the 1000 Book Giveaway. 

I'm not getting rich off of a free book. The principles in this book are based on some of the greatest successes in the country and dentists deserve to know about them.

My personal benefit? 
If you ever want to have my team guide you, that would be great. We only accept a couple of clients per month so the waiting list can be long. If you get to that stage someday, I'd be honored to have my team help guide you toward success.
But first - when you get your copy of my book - you'll have a big advantage over all other colleagues from the knowledge you gain. 

The advantage is yours and your copy of my book is free (just cover your shipping and handling). 
It all Starts with Location
Today, you have the opportunity and the right to take a step forward. 
  • For the sake of practice with full clinical freedom.
  • Because you deserve to earn what you're really worth.
  • So you can have a team and a practice you're proud of.
  • And to make a bigger difference in lives of patients and your community.
This process is a transformational experience,
taking you from clinician to successful practice owner. 
Here's What to do Next...
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Just let me know the address that you'd like to ship the book to, and then on the next page, you'll be asked for your credit card to cover the small shipping cost.
Yes, You Really Are Getting This Book For Just The Shipping Cost...But...
We're only giving away 1000 copies. When they're gone, they're gone. 

So be sure to get your FREE copy before this ends.
Claim Yours Now Before They're Gone!
Thank you for taking the time to learn about this important topic. 

Here's to you and your future success in practice ownership!
P.S. I wanted to give you one last recap on this special offer. Here's the deal:
I'm mailing you my bestselling book, "Choosing the Right Practice Location".
The book is free, and all you pay is the shipping. 

There is no "catch" to this offer. You will not be signing up for any "trial" to some monthly program or anything like that. Just cover the shipping costs, and the book is yours, no strings attached!

You deserve to step forward with confidence.  

When you learn how to Choose the Right Practice Location, you'll have an advantage that will benefit you for the rest of your career.

Good luck to you!
What People are Saying About
Dentistry's: Practice Location On...
"Thinking about opening a practice???"
Review By Dr. Keith Liberman
If you are thinking about opening a practice, READ THIS BOOK. It is GREAT. I really thought I knew what I was doing and thought I had all my points covered, but I was wrong. I missed some key information that this booked laid out. It is a great read and each chapter makes you think. Easy to apply to your own real life situation. Don't start a practice without reading this or you will regret it!
"Very Important Information"
Review By Dr. Jack Brinkley
This book gives you a lot to consider when making the most important decision of your professional career. It is very interesting and eye-opening. I encourage every dentist who is thinking of changing locations to consider the information in this book. Jayme obviously has done his homework and is able to share lots of insight that only comes from being on the ground and seeing how the factors affect the success of a practice. Keep on writing and we will keep on reading!
"Must read for every new dentist and those who want to start a practice"
Review By Dr. Unni Menon
This is a book I wish I had my hands on this book before I started my practice 7 years ago. Most dentists have the aspiration of going solo from their dental school days. However, on reading this book, dentists would enter the business world with their eyes open. Topics such as PPOs , practice locations and taxes are far from a dental student's mind let alone retirement. There were many excerpts in this book that I learnt through trial and error- for those which I paid dearly.
Jayme Amos has written this book in a concise and easy to read fashion that could help clear and clarify dental business situation for both the novice and the experienced. There are several important tools that I missed in my practice which I plan on incorporating since reading the book. This is a MUST READ book!
Unni Menon DDS
"a must read!!!"
Review By Dr. M Dawoud
Jayme Amos's book was an eye-opener! I am a new dentist and plan on opening a practice in the very near future. Like many new dentists, the idea of opening a practice is daunting with all the unforeseen issues that may arise (not to mention the added indebtedness). This book presents practical advice to effectively prepare for and manage these issues. I cannot wait to begin my practice and to work with Jayme. I will definitely refer back to this book.
"Good information to consider."
Review By Dr. Lukasz Wolniak
Well written, easy to read. Jayme's book will provide doctors with ideas to consider that hey probably had not thought of on their own. Building a practice takes more than picking a site, setting up the equipment and opening the doors - it takes preparation, foresight, vision and responsibility. Jayme does an excellent job of touching on all of these points. I had the pleasure of speaking to him twice on the phone as well. He is a professional, and has the rare talent of being a good listener. While many other "gurus" will pump information at you, laud their credentials, and make you feel like you can't do things on your own, Jayme listens and asks you questions to guage where help would be needed most. Good guy, good book, I highly recommend it.
"Great for Understanding Practice Locations"
Review By George
Great book. It is the only resource I have found to lay out the process clearly on what is important to finding the perfect location. Got it in the mail and read it the same day. Love the book and would recommend it for anyone who needs to know what to look for when finding the perfect location.
"An easy read for a tough subject, and very useful!"
Review By Dr. Steven Casella
Starting, moving, or buying a practice can be a very stressful and exciting time at any stage in one's career. With all the complex moving parts involved in the process it can be very easy to mishandle or overlook certain aspects that could potentially cost you your practice. Jayme has done a great serivice to the industry by lending his unquiqe perspective and expertise on the subject, and giving dentists very useful tools to help them avoid common blunders. This book is a great place to start for those of you beginning their journey towards practice ownership especially because the author is able to make a complex subject seem so simple.
"Must read for dentists and dental students"
Review By amazon customer
Choosing the RIGHT Practice Location is a smart investment for the seasoned dentist looking for a new office location, a dental student contemplating future options , a young dentist ready to open their first practice and everyone else that is involved in the quickly evolving profession of dentistry. Not investing in this book could cost you tens of thousands of dollars. It's an easy read with every step and consideration broken out point by point with real life examples. Take a couple hours , read this book and save yourself a lot of aggravation and money.
"Great read! As a dental lender in the industry ..."
Review By Michael Montgomery
Great read! As a dental lender in the industry I would recommend this to any dentist starting a practice or relocating to expand.
"A helpful dentist resource to avoid costly mistakes"
Review By Sandi Boeyink
Jayme's book is a helpful resource for dentists considering opening a start up or a new office. This is a good tool for investigating some of the areas that are often left unchecked during the planning process. In today's competitive environment the right location and preparation can pay off immensely and Jayme has many tips to help position dentists for better success
"Concise "How-To" manual is a great reference for any dentist who is looking for the right practice location"
Review By kindle customer
All I can say is- wow! You have constructed a concise, clear, thorough, yet unintimidating guide through one of the most important processes in the "business" aspect of dentistry- choosing the right location. This book will help countless dentists sift through the minutiae and grasp the key concepts that will help set them on the path to success- BEFORE even opening their doors.
"Great read and lots of helpful tips for any new practice"
Review By E.K.
Jayme simplifies what any dentist should consider before settling on a new office location. This is a must read for any dentist!
"It's inspiring and insightful! Jayme really taps into the ..."
Review By Spencer
It's inspiring and insightful! Jayme really taps into the frustration and concerns that many aspiring dentists have, leaving you with hope and anticipation for opening day of your future practice!
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