What is the Proven Process to Open a Successful New Dental Practice?
What is the Proven Process to Open a Successful New Dental Practice?
If You Have Ever Considered Opening a New Office and Want a Proven Process without All the Risks, then Reserve Your Copy of Dentistry's First Free Training on the 13 Stages to Open a Successful New Practice!  
The Training Teaches you the Proven Concepts for Startup Successes from Jayme Amos, CEO of Ideal Practices . This Training will Give you the Precise, Expert Knowledge to Open Your New Practice.
The 13 Stages Guidebook is Included and mailed to you at no charge. Video training is pre-recorded by Jayme Amos and Dr. Howard Farran, founder of Dental Town.
  • JAYME'S SYSTEM - Learn DIRECTLY FROM EXPERTS with concepts you can use right away
  • 13 STAGES TIMELINE - Learn the EXACT PROCESS that Jayme's high-level consulting clients follow across the country
  • AFFORDING YOUR PRACTICE - Learn how to afford a new practice with a PRECISE PLAN
  • LOCATION SELECTION - How to FIND the best LOCATION with the best RESULTS
  • 100 NEW PATIENTS - Hear how doctors open with 100 NEW PATIENTS on opening day...in startups!
  • CASE STUDY - Get BONUS access to a PERFECTLY DESIGNED dental practice
  • HIGHER PROFITS - Learn how doctors access $150,000 in higher production with 1 simple design change
  • EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL - Learn from real-life examples in dental practices across the country 
  • CLINICAL STANDARDS - Discover ways your clinical standards will be affected by your planning stage   
  • And So Much More...
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